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Older female politicians should just go away. Amirite?

Bernie Sanders loses the Democratic nomination and then goes on a campaign-style tour with the head of the DNC. Hillary Clinton loses an election and we are now being told leading Democrats would like her to simply disappear. As The … Continue reading

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Joe Biden: “Guys, I’m not running”

After brief speculation that former Vice President Joe Biden’s intense travel schedule suggested he was keeping his options open for a 2020 presidential run, he made it clear that’s not happening. Biden was in New Hamphire Sunday to speak at an … Continue reading

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Joe Biden still not ready to go away quietly

Joe Biden will be 78 just after Election Day 2020, so let’s say that. Still, several reports note that the former vice president has been available to appear at nearby every political event on offer. Politico reports that he and … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“Grow up, Donald. Grow up. Time to be an adult. You’re president.” –Vice President Joe Biden Well, don’t hold your breath Joe. Besides, Americans clearly don’t value maturity in their presidents anymore.

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VP Biden is at the top of HRC’s Sec’y of State list, but don’t tell Joe

This may be the silliest political story of the day, which is saying a lot when Donald Trump  is still kicking around. It seems Hillary Clinton is interested in Vice President Biden as her Secretary of State but doesn’t know … Continue reading

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