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The Canadian Broadcasting Company will be airing “Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas” on December 7th at 9:00 p.m. The film was produced by my friend Liam Romalis and his colleagues at Riddle Films in Toronto. I’m not sure where and when it might be airing in the States, but I suspect it will get picked up, so look for it.

An offbeat, irreverent documentary that tells the story of a group of Jewish songwriters, including Irving Berlin, Mel Tormé, Jay Livingston, Ray Evans, Gloria Shayne Baker and Johnny Marks, who wrote the soundtrack to the world’s most musical holiday. It’s an amazing look at the 20th century North American immigrant experience and the extraordinary outburst of musical energy from the children of those immigrants. This new generation rejected their parents’ European past and instead embraced Tin Pan Alley, Broadway and, finally, Hollywood. The outsiders began writing the soundtrack to the insiders’ American dreams and in doing so, wrote themselves into history.

Telling this story through words and song, Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas features rarely-seen archival footage, musical performances and interviews with contemporary writers and performers, as well as connoisseurs of North American popular music.

Here’s the trailer. Looks like fun.

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