Roy Moore is going to win. Shame on Alabama

While polls coming out of Alabama are less than reliable, the general trend is certainly not in the direction of basic human decency. The most recent numbers have child molester Roy Moore leading Democrat Doug Jones by a 48 to 43 percent margin.

According to JMC Analytics, there are three main takeaways: (1) Roy Moore has regained his lead in the polls; (2) Republicans have similarly regained the lead in the generic ballot test, and (3) allegations of sexual misconduct against Roy Moore have not materially impacted the race.

Thrown into the mix is the obvious point that a plurality of Alabama voters either don’t believe that Moore has acted on his obvious interest in under-aged girls, or they don’t care. And if they do care, they care more about ensuring a Democrat doesn’t win the seat.

My guess is that on balance a majority know damned well the man they are about to elect as their U.S. Senator has done the things that have been alleged, it just doesn’t appear to creep them out because, you know, he always asked their mama’s if it was okay.

I hate to have to point out the obvious, but this seems less to be about partisan ideology and more about seeing things just a little bit differently in a particular region of the country. These people weren’t disturbed by Trump’s inappropriate sexual behaviour, in fact they thought it was grand, just as a fine upstanding speciman like Roy Moore ought to be able to do whatever he likes because he’s a powerful man. Women and girls of any age ought to be pleased that such powerful men have an interest in them at all. Fancy don’t let me down.

Conservatism has many ugly sides. This is just one of them.

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