Republican Illinois Governor Rauner to seek reelection

What is it with Republican governors seeking reelection and Harley’s?  First it’s Walker in Wisconsin and now Rauner in Illinois riding their hogs in campaign announcement ads. Manly men doing manly things.

As expected Gov. Bruce Rauner announced Monday that he will seek a second term.

His campaign released a two-minute-plus video in which a Harley-Davidson riding Rauner criticizes his chief political nemesis, Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan. Rauner positions his re-election bid to voters as a choice: Either “throw in the towel, walk away and leave our future to the same corrupt career politicians, or we can fight.”

Rauner looks hard at the camera and says “I choose to fight,” as he sports his super cool dad-inspired motorcycle riding stuff.

Reelection won’t be easy, though, as the Chicago Trib notes:

Rauner makes his formal re-election declaration amid contentious times for the GOP in Illinois. The former private equity investor used his personal wealth to rebuild the party into a formidable campaign extension. But a series of controversial bill signings, capped by last month’s approval of a bill to expand taxpayer-subsidized abortions to women covered by Medicaid and state employee health insurance, have left Rauner searching for a base of support as social conservatives look for someone to challenge him.

Cook Political Report, Governing, Larry Sabato, and Decision Desk call it a toss-up. Rothenberg says lean Democratic.

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