Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker likely running again

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is probably running for a third term, and he rides a Harley. He also likes to ride his Harley in political ads. Such a cool dad.

State Democratic Party spokeswoman Melanie Conklin said Walker, a famous tax-cutter, could have made his video motorcycle ride more realistic. “An accurate video would show him being jostled around on Wisconsin’s crumbling roads that are the fourth worst in the nation,” she said.

As for Walker’s chances for re-election, and why Walker should be considered the favourite, Jennifer E. Duffy at the Cook Political Report wrote this last June:

Walker is running for a third term, which is a difficult proposition for an incumbent of either party. That said, Walker has demonstrated tremendous staying power through two general elections and a recall, and is known for running very solid campaigns. Wisconsin is a swing state, but Democrats will need a very strong challenger to make this a Toss Up race.

That said, guessing election outcomes has made fools of a lot of us.

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