Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Mo Brooks loves Trump and his wall

Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama is running for the U.S. Senate in Alabama, and he loves him some Donald Trump and his Mexican wall. In fact, both of those passions are driving his campaign to be the next senator in that very red state.

Brooks, he says, is an outsider to all that inside Washington nonsense standing between Trump and his plans to make America great again, and he is sure that there are many establishment Republicans more a part of the problem than the solution who need a good Alabama ass whoopin’, if you know what I mean (My words, but he’d say it if it weren’t for those sissy PC types who would howl).

A Republican will win this seat, and probably one who professes Trump-love more effectively than his GOP opponent(s). Incumbent Sen. Luther Strange is among those up against Brooks in the primary and has been on Brooks for being critical of Trump, citing an “old insult” in which Brooks referred to the president as “a serial adulterer,” back when that was considered a bad thing in Alabama.

As for Strange there is that whole mess involving his appointment by former Gov. Robert Bentley, who resigned under a cloud due to a sex scandal and abuse of power allegations. Brooks seems to see no contradiction in tying Strange to a supporter’s sex scandal given the history of Brooks’ revered president.

Trump has not yet endorsed in the race, though Salon notes that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has made it clear that he prefers Strange over Brooks.

This is a state that elected Jeff Sessions to the U.S. Senate, so I have no idea how low their standards could go. Maybe it doesn’t matter, though it will be fun to see these guys tap dance around a successful presidential impeachment proceeding should it come to that.

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