Georgia 6th special House campaign is in its final days. And it’s going to be close

The vote for the Georgia’s 6th Congressional District is on Tuesday and this one is certainly too close to call.  For Democrats, the crazy-making part is that so much effort has been put into stealing this generally safe Republican seat that a loss would be particularly hard to take.

As we get closer to election day, various pundits are talking about how a Democratic win would have a seismic impact, perhaps causing a mass exodus of House Republicans who might then choose not to run for re-election as they interpret the writing on the wall.

A poll last week had Democrat Jon Ossoff up by 7 points, but a brand new survey has Ossoff up by just a 49.7 to 48 margin over his GOP opponent Karen Handel.

The seat is in the northern suburbs outside of Atlanta. Trump won it by only a hair. Though the House seat has been held by Republicans for a long time, it’s a very well educated and relatively affluent area. If folks like this were seen to be turning on Trump, that could have repercussions for how candidates and pundits begin the frame the midterms.

The WSB-TV story accompanying the poll results notes the obvious that Trump casts a long shadow in this race with “91 percent of Ossoff voters having an unfavorable opinion of President Trump. On the flip side, 78 percent of Handel voters have a favorable opinion.”

So, yes, the election is a referendum on Trump. But whichever side loses, their respective party’s will surely say that local factors played an outside role, but don’t believe them. Trump has consumed all the oxygen that used be shared with regional concerns.

As a registered Democrat and avowed Trump hater, colour me nervous.

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