New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu for President! Why Not?

We want Mitch! We want Mitch! Okay, maybe not yet, but soon.

Amie Parnes at The Hill writes this week that “Democrats looking for new blood to revitalize their party are taking a close look at New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, who is suddenly being discussed as a dark-horse presidential nominee.”

You’ll recall Mayor Landrieu from his very important speech last month about the removal of Confederate monuments from his city. He did sound great. And let’s not forget that since few outside the city he represents have heard of him, he’s “new,” which seems to be one of the most important characteristics a politician can have these days. New is good.

When asked if he might run, the mayor says he is “focused solely on his current job and his upcoming role heading the Conference of Mayors. He is not thinking about a presidential bid.” At least he knows how to say he’s not running for something he might run for

In no particular order, those who think he might be a credible candidate have said the follow, or things like them:

  • The party needs the right candidate at the right time, and Hillary, the argument goes, was all wrong. Bernie was sort of right, but not entirely.
  • As the party looks to rebuild, “non-establishment” politicians like Landrieu might be just the ticket.
  • His speech on the Confederacy captured the attention of the liberal intelligensia, which I guess is good.
  • A pollster who has known him for years say if there is an opportunity “he’ll definitely see how deep the water is.” (Ya gotta love New Orleans).
  • Landrieu previously served as Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana from 2004 to 2010,“ which led one commentator to say that “having won statewide in a deep red state and citywide among a predominantly black, Democratic electorate, he has some track record in bridging these divides,” and also that “there may be more paths open for him nationally than there are statewide right now.
  • Landrieu has sought to address gun violence in his city, which would appeal to progressives.

Then again, naysayers wonder if he can go from being a mayor to being a president, and then they remember that Donald Trump when from being a moron real estate developer to being a moron president, so realize anything is now possible.

He also clearly has a low profile when so many others who might run for the Democratic nomination are already better known. Okay, but who outside of Vermont had heard of Bernie Sanders before he ran for president? In fact, I recall that the speech at his campaign launch was hilarious. Profiles can be created.

Names, names, and more names. We’ll hear a lots of them. Landrieu is hardly inconceivable as an option.

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