Georgia 6th special: Ossoff pulls ahead in new poll; Republicans release desperate ad (video)

The special House election for the Georgia 6th is just eleven days away, and while all eyes were on Washington yesterday for former FBI Director James Comey’s stellar performance, things are heating up down south.

According to a new poll by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Democrat Jon Ossoff has pulled out to a 7 point lead ahead of Republican Karen Handel, 51 to 44 points and early voting is up.

Early voting in the district is looking significantly stronger than it was in the first round, with nearly 70,000 votes cast already, and a trajectory of perhaps 100,000. Ossoff handily won among the 55,000 early voters in the primary, when the total vote was only 159,000. So this could be another good sign for him, although, as Cook Political Report’s David Wasserman says: “The extraordinary pace has Republicans optimistic they’ve awoken their dormant base.”

By the looks of things, Handel and team are getting pretty desperate as they released a new ad attempting to connect Ossoff to Kathy Griffen’s foolish Trump beheading stunt, despite the complete lack of connection between the two.

I like this bit of fakery, as pointed out by Ed Kilgore at New York Magazine. He notes that the ad uses “a quick, grainy image of Griffin high-fiving a young man. It’s actually fake-Trump-beheading photographer Tyler Shields, but in the flash of a moment he could sure pass for Jon Ossoff. It should be reasonably clear Republicans are counting on older voters to win this thing.”

Good one.

This race will be close, and likely depend on the ground game as well as voter enthusiasm. Anyone’s guess.

Here’s the anti-Ossoff ad mentioned above. I’m unsure of the wisdom of attempting to portray Jon Ossoff as childish when the man at the head of the Republican Party is little more than a frat-boy-in-chief.

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