Democrats experiment in the South Carolina 5th special election

House Democrats’ will be spending a bit of money on the upcoming special House election in the South Caolina 5th congressional district – $275,000 on their candidate Archie Parnell, to be exact.

The statement issued by the party makes it pretty clear, however, that they don’t think much of their chances.

“This investment will help turn out – and provide key lessons on – crucial voters for South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District and the 2018 midterms more broadly,” Cole Leiter, a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) spokesman, said in a Monday statement to The Post and Courier.

“We’re proud to make this investment in organizing staff, African-American radio, mail, digital and other targeted voter outreach in the final weeks of this campaign and support a candidate like Archie Parnell who will stand up and fight for the smart, responsible kind of leadership this community needs.”

Trump won South Carolina by 18 points and absolutely no one thinks the Democrats are in a position to compete here, but they hope some lessons might be learned for future consideration.

Parnell was a Goldman Sachs senior adviser.  The Republican is state Rep. Ralph Norman. The seat has been vacant since Mick Mulvaney left to become Trump’s budget chief.

As with other recent special elections to fill seats left open by Trump’s Cabinet appointments, Democrats will hope to at least close the gap as a way to build momentum heading into 2018.

The election here is on June 20th, which means it will get completely overshadowed by whatever happens in the Georgia 6th on the same day.

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