Older female politicians should just go away. Amirite?

Bernie Sanders loses the Democratic nomination and then goes on a campaign-style tour with the head of the DNC. Hillary Clinton loses an election and we are now being told leading Democrats would like her to simply disappear.

As The Hill put it today, “Democrats say they’d like Hillary Clinton to take a cue from former President Obama and step out of the spotlight.”

They say her string of remarks explaining her stunning loss in November coupled with the public remarks blaming the Democratic National Committee for the defeat — which many took as also critical of Obama — are hurting the party and making the 2016 candidate look bitter.

They said they understood the need for Clinton to explain what happened in the election, and many also empathized with Clinton’s anger over former FBI Director James Comey’s handling of a probe into her private email server.

I seriously doubt HRC is contemplating another run. No chance, in fact. But if she wants to carp about Comey and the Russians for a while, there is nothing anyone can do about it.

My favourite comment comes from some Obama advisors who are apparently saying the former president “wants to give a new generation of leaders room to grow.” Has he mentioned this to Sanders and Biden, or does that just apply to older female politicians?

It’s amazing Clinton got as far as she did with “friends” like these.

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