HRC offers thoughts on the future of the Democratic Party

I know we are not supposed to pay any attention to anything Hillary Clinton says. She lost an election to a moron and should go find a dark room to sit in for the rest of her life. Mostly she should just STFU.

Not for me, thank you. I like to know what smart people think especially now that we have to suffer the daily foolishness of Trump and friends.

In an interview at a conference in California on Wednesday, HRC spoke of  Democrats having a “realistic” shot at taking back the House in 2018, adding that  “everything will change” if the party can add significant numbers of seats in the midterms.

In a wide-ranging interview, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee criticized coverage of her private email server and blamed the Democratic Party as a whole for not giving her enough help after winning the nomination. But she also looked forward to the future of her party in the era of President Trump.

House Democrats will need to flip 24 seats in order to regain the majority, and a number of those are in districts Trump won. So, it won’t be easy, but Trump is certainly doing his part to make his fellow Republicans toxic. And then there is the fact, as Clinton noted, that she won 23 districts currently held by GOP members.

She said that Democrats can make major gains if they target those types of districts. She mentioned the seven located in California, specifically noting Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), who is a top 2018 Democratic target. She said it’s important to field good candidates in these districts.

“If we can flip those, then go deeper into where I did well, where we can get good candidates, I think flipping the House is certainly realistic.”

Democrats have to be feeling good about their chances, and Republicans have to be concerned about their electoral chances in 2o18 amidst a failed presidential agenda that can’t get untracked, and scandals that won’t go away.

Once the shock of Trump’s victory subsided, a lot of people recognized that his presidency could damage the GOP for a generation or more. When the pendulum swings back from this disaster, it could swing back hard.

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