New poll in the SC-5th shows Democrat behind by not as much as you might think, under the circumstances

Here we go again with a special election in a very Republican district with the media suggesting there is a race when there really isn’t one.

A poll by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research was completed on May 25th for the South Carolina 5th, shows Democrat Archie Parnell down by 10 points to Ralph Norman. Parnell is up  six-point since March, which makes it closer than the margins Republican Mick Mulvrney had won by in recent elections. Mulvaney stepped down to become Trump’s budget chief.

The poll also indicates that Democrats are more interested in voting than Republicans by a margin of 2 to 1. Only 42 percent of the voters in the district support TrumpCare.

Well, okay. But if Democrats are going to grab one of these special elections,  it will be in the Georgia 6th, not here.

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