Jerry Springer for governor of Ohio? Come on. No

Are you ready? Probably not for this. Jerry Springer, that Jerry Springer, is being touted as a candidate for governor of Ohio on the Democratic side for 2018. He was mayor of Cincinnati so it’s not as rediculous as it seems. Still, we’re talking a daytime host not unused to having chairs flung around his set.

The wording on extant reports is that “more than half-a-dozen Democrats familiar with the race” are confirming the chatter.

Obviously, in the age of Trump this kind of outside-the-box idea will get some support, and Springer is smart enough to get that.

“What’s probably giving it more juice this time is the Trump victory. People are thinking that somebody outside the traditional political establishment can win. His constituency is basically mine. These are fans of the show. I could be Trump without the racism.” Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland backed Springer’s interest in running and confirmed with Business Insider he and Springer have already discussed a potential run.


“I think he has a very strong ability to communicate what I think is the heart of the Democratic message,” Strickland said.

Springer ran for Governor in 1982 and quit Cincinnati City Council in 1974 after it was found out he paid for a prostitute.

Maybe times have changed,  but I seriously hope not this much. What a joke.

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