Even if Democrats lose the GA-6th, it’ll be okay

The expectations game in politics is infuriating. Democrats have put up exceedingly respectable efforts in three very red congressional district special elections, losing in each case by margins far smaller than would have been the case if Trump’s administration had been anything thus far than a joke. But in the binary world of elections the only issue for some is that Democrats lost.

As we move closer to the June 20th special House election for the Georgia 6th, some say the pressure is really on for Democrats to win one. Well, sure. Political neophyte Jon Ossoff won the first round by a massive amount though not by enough to avoid a runoff. In a district held by Republicans since 1979, the Democrats are neck-and-neck with Republicans in the runoff. And though a recent poll has Ossoff ahead by seven points, this one is going to be close.

Keep in mind, these primaries are what they call in boxing the undercard. The main event is the 2018 midterms. The main event will take place in riding after riding in which Republican incumbents hold seats in districts won by Hillary Clinton.

It will be a disappointment if Ossoff can’t take the GA-6th, but let’s get a grip here. No well informed Republican strategist is jumping for joy that the GOP is holding on to seats by fractions of what would be expected.

Spinners will spin, but eventually the math will catch up to Trump and his party of losers.

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