Trump’s goal was to win an election, not govern a country

Donald Trump’s finest moment was winning the presidency, and though we can argue about how legitimate the win was, no one is going to take his victory away now. The election is over but Trump seems to want nothing more than to live the campaign victory over and over again. It’s a little bit like the movie Ground Hog Day.

But maybe all of that is over as news has arrived he has postponed plans for a rally Thursday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in light of recent events to do with his campaign and potential collusion with Russia. Nothing’s fun like it used be now that reporters from both big and small media outlets want only to ask him if he or his campaign have betrayed the American people.

You see, Donald only wants to be loved and hailed by one and all as a great president, perhaps the greatest. But the fact of an election victory doesn’t bestow greatness. Quality leadership in office is the only thing that can do that.

Trump thinks he can campaign for the next three and a half years, shrouded in scandal, with little to show for his time in office, and still win reelection. He thinks that if he can only remind his base how they felt on election night, they’ll want to feel that way again.

Maybe we shouldn’t doubt him, but eventually a president has to start governing or even the crowds at the rallies become restless. The moment he gets a sense that voters want more than a show, the moment the cheering becomes the least bit attenuated, I’ll bet he stops showing up.

For Trump, his election was the end of his quest and not the beginning. His base hasn’t figured that out yet but they might start to figure it out.

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