Ted Cruz caught in campaign violation. Big yawn

In a world in which Donald Trump is president, no one is going to pay much attention to a campaign fundraising violation by another Republican candidate in last year’s political primary.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) on Thursday said that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) improperly accounted for Goldman Sachs loans he received during his 2012 Senate campaign.


The commissioners voted unanimously that $1.1 million in loans to Cruz’s 2012 Senate bid from Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Citigroup Inc. should have been disclosed to voters. The loans first came to light during Cruz’s GOP primary bid in last year’s presidential campaign.

It’s not clear if there will be any sort of penalty for Cruz, but he certainly won’t get any grief  from press coverage. How could such a story ever get any oxygen when each new cycle has its own Trump scandal-of-day?

Maybe a relatively technical violation, but it does make one wonder how much cover Trump is providing for other naughty political behaviour no one will care about.

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