Violent offender wins Montana House seat

Absolutely no surprise that Republican Greg Gianforte won the House special election for Montana’s only seat yesterday. The margin of victory was a little surprising, around 7 points, given that this one should never have been that close.

Trump won the state by 20 points in November. Republican Ryan Zinke was the incumbent before stepping down to become Interior secretary. And the Democrats ran a folksinger.

Still, polling had this one getting tight even before asshole billionaire Gianforte decided to viciously assault a reporter for asking a question about Gianforte’s support for TrumpCare. Unfortunately the attack happened too late to have an impact, especially because Montana is one of those states in which a majority vote early by mail.

That a reporter could be assaulted for doing his job in Trump’s America is surely a big story coming out of this election. That a Republican could come so close to losing a safe seat this early in the new administration’s mandate is a bigger story.

The Georgia 6th special election is on June 20th. It could still go either way, but the Republicans would have to be very foolish to think the results in these red districts, though victories,  are good news ahead of the 2018 midterms.

As for Gianforte, maybe Trump will think it’s a good thing to have someone close by who knows what it feels like to be charged with a crime.

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