Montana House special election candidate Greg Gianforte assaults reporter for asking TrumpCare question

Greg Gianforte is under a lot of pressure. This election shouldn’t be close, but it is. When Ben Jacobs, a Guardian political reporter, asked Republican candidate Gianforte about his support for Trump’s healthcare plan the candidate “body slammed” the reporter. The audio of the incident below doesn’t sound  like it leaves any doubt what happened.

Gianforte in a statement is claiming the “liberal” reporter brought the assault on himself. But there were witnesses, so we’ll have to wait and see what the criminal justice system in Montana has to say about it.

The election is tomorrow. A victory is still unlikely for Democrat Rob Quist,  but if it happens it will probably have more to do with TrumpCare than the assault. Still, it would be sweet if Gianforte gets body slammed by the electorate.

Update: A local Fox News team at the scene of the assault verified the Gaurdian reporter’s account in its entirety. You can find that here.

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