New super PAC ad attacks Rob Quist (D) in the Montana special House election

The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF)  has released one last ad on behalf of Republican Greg Gianforte in the Montana state-wide special House election before the May 25th Election Day. The spot attacks Democratic candidate Rob Quist for various fiduciary improprieties. The CFL is a super PAC aligned with the House Republican leadership.

Quist is a musician, a folksinger, so the ad opens with him singing because nothing frightens conservatives more than a man with guitar who is not Ted Nugent. And of course the spot connects Quist with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi because no GOP ad is complete without a shout out to evil Nancy.

“Montanans know actions speak louder than words. Despite his song lyrics, Quist has proved he would stand with Nancy Pelosi’s failed liberal agenda, not with Montanans.”

The CLF’s is spending big money in the race  — $2.5 million on advertising and a field program to make sure this traditionally red seats remains red. Democrats have tried to keep up but not quite so enthusiastically.

The seat needs to be filled because Trump picked then-Rep. Ryan Zinke for secretary of the Interior.

Word is that the race is tightening, though a Democratic pickup would be epic, and highly unlikely as Republicans have held the seat for decades.

A note on the ad: I can’t comment on Quist’s business dealings or whether he has always paid for services rendered, as the ad suggests he has not, but isn’t that the method Trump has so consistently used to make his billions? Seems like an odd charge for the GOP to draw attention to.

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