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Look for a closer-than-expected outcome in the Montana special House election

It’s easy to forget that while things are imploding around Trump, some semblance of normal politics continues around the country. The Montana state-wide special House election is a week away and though this should be an easy win for Republicans, … Continue reading

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NJ Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy: First day with the new mouth

As I wrote earlier in the week, Phil Murphy is generally considered the front-runner for the Democratic nomination for New Jersey governor. He’s a former Goldman Sachs executive and Obama ambassador to Germany. The primary is June 6th. If he … Continue reading

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Tom Perriello and Ralph Northam in tight race for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nomination

The two Virginia Democrats are well within the margin of error, and the split seems clearly to be an echo of last year’s Democratic presidential race, according to a new Washington Post-Schar School poll. Democratic likely voters say Perriello’s endorsements … Continue reading

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Roger Ailes is dead. Champion of the post-truth society and serial sexual harasser

Jeffrey Jones, the director of the Peabody Awards, said in a statement, “No single individual has done more harm to American democracy in the last generation than Roger Ailes. He ushered in the post-truth society. Through a constant drumbeat of … Continue reading

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Schumer steps up

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Morning Headlines

New York Times: Robert Mueller, former F.B.I. Director, is named special counsel for Russia investigation Politico: Special prosecutor to complicate West Wing life The Hill: Rosenstein to be grilled today on Trump bombshells NBC News: Obstruction of justice: What it … Continue reading

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