NY Lt. Gov. Hochul (D) won’t challenge Chris Collins (R) in the 27th Congressional District

The 27th Congressional District of New York is in Western New York, containing most of the “eastern and southern suburbs of Buffalo, most of the southern suburbs of Rochester, as well rural areas to the east.”

Chris Collins (R) currently represents the district. In 2013 he defeated incumbent Kathy Hochul (D) when the 26th district was redistricted to the 27th. She won the 26th in a special election on May 24, 2011 to fill the seat left vacant when Republican Chris Lee resigned after it became known that he had “solicited a woman on Craigslist and emailed a shirtless photo of himself,” an action that would probably get him a Cabinet post in Trump’s administration today.

Hochul became the first Democrat to represent the the 26th in 40 years. It was a very exciting special election, as I recall.

She is currently the Lieutenant Governor of the State of New York.

There had been speculation that Hochul would take another run at Collins in 2018, though that now appears not to be the case. In a story a few days ago in the New York Daily News she said that she “fully anticipates running again as Gov. Cuomo’s running mate in 2018 — despite some Democrats hoping she would challenge” Collins.

She said a few other things about Washington being dysfunctional, and wanting to accomplish things and believing New York State to be the kind of place where she can do that.

Though it appears not to be, Hochul had sent mixed signals recently when she attacked Collins for his support of TrumpCare.

The other thing to think about is that New York Governor Cuomo is widely thought to be considering a presidential bid in 2020, which could leave Hochul in a great position to succeed him.

It could also be that the NY-27th is a very red district. Collins won reelection by 35 points in 2012 and 40 points in 2016. Trump won the district by 25 points.

I think Hochul prefers her chances in Albany.

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