Versions: Elvis Presley (1957) / Bernard Hardison (1954) – “Too Much”

“Too Much” was a number #1  hit for Elvis.  It was written by Bernard Weinman and Lee Rosenberg.

Presley recorded the song in September 1956 and released it on January 4, 1957. He first performed it on January 6, 1957 on CBS-TV’s “The Ed Sullivan Show.” As a single, Presley’s “Too Much” hit number one on both the Cashbox and Billboard sales charts and number three on the R&B chart.

“Too Much” was first recorded by Bernard Hardison with Band on Republic Records in 1954. The B-side was “Come to Me Baby.” Apparently the Hardison version did nothing sales-wise, and I can’t find much at all about Mr. Hardison himself. Can’t even find a picture.

If you are inclined, check out this link for an interesting tale of songwriting credits and associated skullduggery as well as how Presley came to record “Too Much.”

I don’t dislike the Hardison version below.

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