Alabama gubernatorial race gets one more – Rep. Mo Brooks

Rep. Mo Brooks (R) announced on Monday that he will run for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat, which Sessions vacated when Trump tapped him for Cabinet. The election is of the special variety and will take place December 12, 2017. Both party primaries are on August 15th, with a runoff if necessary slated for September 25th.

The filing deadline is May 17th so Brooks cut it awfully close.

Luther Strange, a great name for a politician, was appointed to replace Sessions and will run for the seat in his own right in December. Initially the election was to have been in November 2018 to coincide with the usual election cycle, but Gov. Kay Ivey, who replaced disgraced Gov. Robert Bentley, agreed with those who argued special elections should be held within a year of the original vacancy and moved it up.

The assumption by many is that Bentley gave Strange the governor gig as payback for advocating that the legislature slow down efforts to impeach Bentley. Having Strange run for reelection as part of the usual cycle in 2018 would presumably have made it easier for him to retain his seat as quirkier things are less likely to happen when elections are attached to the grand sweep, e.g., turnout anomalies.

Still, as incumbent, Strange will have a huge leg up.

In addition to Brooks and Strange, others running are state Rep. Ed Henry; Roy Moore, suspended Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court; and Randy Bryson, Alabama Christian Coalition president.

Democrats run for U.S. Senate too in Alabama,  but it’s kind of beside the point in a state where a man named Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is a revered political figure.

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