White House Deputy Spox says HRC would have fired Comey, so what’s the problem?

It’s not very intellectually satisfying to have to point out the obvious when countering the most recent stupid thing said by a Trump spokesperson, but that’s what has to be done. If we don’t, people who don’t pay enough attention or who are willfully ignorant will control the water cooler talk and more. Can’t have that.

Here’s the latest from Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House Deputy Spox, appearing on Morning Joe this morning:

One of the biggest things that isn’t being talked about is that Democrats would be dancing in the streets. If Hillary Clinton had won, she would have immediately fired James Comey. And the very people who were screaming on TV last night and I’m sure still today, that would have been cheering and celebrating Comey being dismissed, will be the very ones saying he shouldn’t have been.

Please. Hillary Clinton might have fired Comey for his decision to meddle in the election a week out from the vote in the way he did. It showed malcompetence, maybe malfeasance. She would have been right to do it, in my opinion. I, like a lot a Democrats, am therefore shedding no tears for the former Director of the FBI.

But if she had fired him for conducting an investigation into potentially illegal activities by her, or her campaign (yes, potentially even emails), then that would be wrong.

Trump fired Comey because of his unwillingness to back off of the Russia investigation. So, enough about how happy Democrats should be that Trump did them this big favour. It all depends on the “why” and the “when.” They both stink.

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