Rep. Rod Blum loses it, and may lose his seat in 2018 (IA-1st CD)

Maybe Trump has made it a thing for Republicans to walk away angrily from interviews that aren’t going well. Following the president’s lead, Republican Rep. Rod Blum (IA-1) went a little crazy when asked what seemed like a reasonable question about a recent town hall meeting.

He unclipped his mic, walked away muttering and, this is the best part, he was surrounded by bewildered school children.

To be fair, Blum, who just voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, is under some real pressure. One way he has tried to manage things is by making it hard for people to attend his town halls, requiring attendees to prove they live in the district (by registering in advance and provide IDs at the door). The interviewer suggested this might be somewhat hypocritical of Blum, who has accepted campaign contributions from everywhere.

Whatever you think of the question, a pro would have handled it effortlessly. Blum went nuts.

Another reason Blum might be feeling the heat is that, as the Daily Kos notes, “this is a winnable seat for Democrats: While Trump won it 49-45, Obama carried it 56-43 four years earlier” so you can expected Blum to be targeted.

Trump may thrive on chaos. I suspect some Republicans could benefit from the ossacional time out.

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