Sen. Sherrod Brown for President

There is little doubt that the race for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020 is wide open. Or maybe it’s just that having recently elected a grossly unqualified buffoon to the top job, we’ve had to reframe what it means to be a credible candidate. Mark Zuckerberg? Mark Cuban? Oprah Winfrey? Really?

I find it interesting that the White House has made it known they are keeping an eye on Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) as a potential challenger. Perhaps they think she would be easy to beat as a prime example of the kind of snooty liberal the Trump base loves to hate. Maybe they just like to have an archetype liberal to target at a monent’s notice.

The Hill reports that White House aides “are closely following the senator’s criticism of the president and have aggressively hit back in the media.”

When The Hill published Warren’s criticism last month of Trump’s decision to drop America’s largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan, the White House press office quickly responded with a rebuttal — an unusual level of attention for a single senator.

“As somebody who is probably, in the hearts and minds of liberal activists, a leader of the party, that voice carries some weight, and we have to respond,” said one White House official who requested anonymity to describe internal thinking. “We don’t think ignoring her is the right approach.”

And Trump never gets tired of calling Warren“Pocahontas.” What a card!

So far Warren hadn’t said much about the speculation, only that she expects to run for relection to the Senate.”

I like Elizabeth Warren but don’t think she’s very compelling as a candidate. Not because she’s an elitist but because she’s dull, not good television, dry on the stump, whatever. And, yes, I agree she won’t relate well to working class voters in middle America. Sorry.

Until he says he’s not interested, I’m declaring myself for Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown for President. The Democrats need someone who can create a bridge between progressive values  and the worries of struggling Americans. It doesn’t have to be a man. I’ve often thought Jennifer Granholm, former Democratic governor of Michigan, would be great had she not been born in Canada.

Trump would like to run against a candidate who would allow him to ignore facts and focus on image. He may be right that Warren would let him do that.

My young friends think it should be a young, charismatic type, but I’m putting my money on craggy late middle age, with a raspy voice.

Run, Sherrod, run. (But get reelected to the Senate in 2018 first).

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