Are Republicans afraid to defend TrumpCare?

Republican House members will have their speaking points at the ready whenever asked to defend their votes to pass TrumpCare legislation. Or maybe they’d rather avoid creating too much videotape of them doing just that as it could too easily be used in opposition campaign ads down the road.

It’s interesting that MSNBC host Joy Reid has said her show asked 217 House Republicans who supported the bill to appear on her program with not one willing to accept the offer.

Perhaps Republicans are simply saving their strength knowing they will have to face angry constituents back home this weekend following the vote.

My guess is that their reluctance to appear is for a very simple reason: they have a choice of either lying about the number of people who will lose coverage (and getting caught out later) or telling the truth and getting beat up on the spot for their heartless decision.

Either way Trump voters may finally have reason to understand that the real estate tycoon in the White House gives not a fig for their daily struggles.

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