Poll finds most Americans want shorter presidential campaigns. I’m in!

A new polls finds that Americans want their presidential campaigns to be shorter, lasting no more than a year.

According to The Hill:

Nearly two-thirds of Americans, 65 percent, said they think the country’s presidential contests should be held within a limited time frame, and 23 percent said campaigns should not be limited, according to the Center for Public Integrity and Ipsos poll released Friday.

Respondents weren’t sure exactly how short they should be. Thirty-two percent said a year, 27 percent six months, and 20 percent less than three months.

Not everyone supported the shorter route. Five percent, the masochist cohort, think election campaigns should be four years. Strange as that sounds, it does appear to be what Trump is going for.

As it is now, presidential campaigns are lasting at least a year and a half, which does lend itself to a fair bit of fatigue for everyone.

As one very familiar with the Canadian system, I can tell you that the typical four or five week “writ period” is plenty long.

Nothing will change, though. The campaign industry in America and those who benefit wouldn’t allow it. What would we do with all those speech writers, consultants, pollsters, and ad makers?

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