CNN pokes GOP with a nod to Schoolhouse Rock!

Jack Sheldon

“A lot of people” are pointing out that taking a victory lap on the TrumpCare bill that barely passed in the House and has yet to go to the Senate is a tad premature.

“CNN Tonight” host Don Lemon had a bit of a yuk at the expense of Republicans by playing the classic Schoolhouse Rock! segment “I’m Just a Bill” as they were going into a commercial break. The basic point of the piece is that it’s darned hard to get a bill all the way through to become a law. Get it?

If you are unfamiliar, Schoolhouse Rock! ran a bunch of educational short cartoons on ABC on Saturday mornings starting in the early ’70s. As I recall, they featured science, math, history, economics, grammar, and politics. Am I missing anything?

By the way, the vocalist on this segment is serious jazz trumpeter and musical director for the old Merv Griffin Show Jack Sheldon. My favourite Sheldon Schoolhouse Rock! segment is “Conjunction Junction.” Mr. Leonard is still around at the age of 85.

What’s your function?

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