Is it possible America has elected a president who is not mentally competent?

It seems lately that a lot of people are starting to seriously question Trump’s sanity, and not in a childish name-calling sort of way. This week we are starting to hear smart, serious people wonder, with not a little fear in their voices, if the man with the nuclear codes is entirely right in the head. I watch highly respected presidential historians like Jon Meacham and Douglas Brinkley talk about Trump’s erratic behaviour with worried expressions on their faces and I worry.

Here are some reasons why: His comment that he won’t “stand by anything” in relation to his unproven allegations that President Obama wiretapped him; his claim that the wiretapping has been “proven very strongly'” despite the entire national security establishment rejecting it; his absurd comments about Andrew Jackson; his praise for Kim Jong Un as a “smart cookie” and that he’d be honoured to meet him; his unhinged and hateful speech in Pennsylvania last Saturday;  his statement that Congress might benefit from a “good shutdown” and his claims that the new health care bill doesn’t say what it clearly says. I could go on.

Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post put it best asking “when is it okay to say the president might be nuts?”

Up to this point I haven’t much cared for armchair psychologists assessing Trump’s mental fitness, but I’m starting to believe something is wrong here and it’s kind of freaking me out.

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