FBI Director Comey says it makes him “mildly nauseous to think we had an impact on the election.” Really?

FBI Director James B. Comey is still defending his decision to “announce last October that the bureau had reopened its investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s private email server” and effectively hand the election and country over to Donald J. Trump.

He even told members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that “It makes me mildly nauseous to think we had an impact on the election.”

As we know, upon reviewing the new emails nothing changed with the exception of setting the stage for electing a lunatic to the most powerful office in the world, since we’re talking about nauseau.

Democrats on the Senate committee were justifiably amazed “that Comey should disclose so much about the Clinton probe but not the investigation, confirmed only this month, into Trump campaign ties with Russia.”

Presumably the argument has something to do with reopening a closed investigation, i.e., Hillary’s emails, which requires that Congress be told, versus commenting on an ongoing investigation, i.e., Trump’s connection to Russian hacking, which is always forbidden. Sure, whatever.

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