A new conservative news network on the horizon

The website Mediaite has been running hard with a story about talks underway to start an alternative conservative television network. Apparently those in discussion are worried Fox News is tilting too far away from whatever it is real conservatives think Americans should know. That’s right. Fox News is becoming too liberal.

Mediaite has more recently reported that a TV executive  “involved in those discussions [has] not only confirmed our story, but told us that it could come to fruition within a year.”

“I’m working on it (the new conservative channel) hot and heavy. . . It’s live, it’s real.” We are told by two sources involved, that the meeting Friday led to even more confidence that the network will soon become a reality.

Now, with the announcement that Fox news co-President Bill Shine is “resigning” from Fox News, there is a newfound focus on Fox talent and in particular, Sean Hannity, the last remaining original star from the Fox News lineup.

Whatever one thinks of Fox News, including their creativity in choosing what to report, their shading of the facts, and their hyper-right wing commentary, even they sometimes shy away from the kind of lying for which Trump and his team are famous. An entire network lacking the limited scruples of Fox News could further pollute the political landscape and further fracture the electorate, if that’s even possible.

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