Megyn Kelly’s embarrassing start at NBC

When Megyn Kelly left Fox News for the more mainstream confines of NBC, it was not clear what this would mean for the ideological bent of her new show. She’s not on the air until June, but we are now hearing that the first program will involve “a large contingent of the Kardashian family as her first guests.” In other words, the clan that defines what it is to be “famous for being famous” will help define the new Megyn Kelly out of the gate as someone who has no interest in serious journalism – which we should have guessed given her tenure at Fox.

This doesn’t mean she won’t move on to more substantive guests, but this is not a good start. I have to admit that I’ve always wondered if it was something in the corporate water cooler that made Fox personalities lunatics, or if the network sought them out for their right-wing whackiness.

Or, it may be the case that after leaving Fox News her best approach, at least for her pocketbook, will be to be all personality and nothing more.

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