Will Trump voters care about broken promises?

Some in the Republican leadership are starting to worry that a Trump failure to deliver on the Mexican border wall and other campaign promises will break the coalition that got him elected.

Republican National Committee chairwomen Ronna Romney McDaniel told conservative radio hold Laura Ingraham on Wednesday that a failure to deliver on campaign commitments could be catastrophic for the GOP election chances in the future.

They’re gonna lose the trust of our base if we don’t keep our promises. Our base is going to walk away,” McDaniel said.

They may or they may not, but I think McDaniel is being too pessimistic. I suspect Trump’s base is not overly concerned about his ability to deliver, especially considering their capacity for self-delusion, which seems to be the defining characteristic of Trump and his many supporters.

There is always someone to blame, notably the media. His base will hold even if he doesn’t keep promises. What may not hold is the support of so called reluctant Trump voters who voted against Hillary Clinton more than anything. His inability to be effective is what may cause these voters to consider other options, especially if the spectre of Hillary Rodham Clinton is gone.

That’s what I’d worry about if I were a Republican.

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