GOP-aligned money pours into the Georgia 6th CD

Republicans really don’t want to lose the Georgia 6th congressional district. And it’s certainly an even bet they will be able to hold onto it, after a slew of Republicans managed to cobble together nearly as much vote as the Democrat, Jon Ossoff, in the first round last week. Unfortuately, Ossoff fell short of the 50 percent needed to avoid a runoff and must now face Karen Handel, the top performing Republican. That runoff will happen on June 20th.

Meanwhile, Republicans are trying to spend their way to victory, particularly as Ossoff has been very successful with his ownfundraising up to this point.

A Republican affiliated super PAC, the Congressional Leadership Fund,  is planning to spend $3.5 million to support Handel, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. This will include $2.5 million in TV advertising beginning May 10. The remainder will go towards “targeted mail and digital campaigns and a network of field operatives charged with knocking on 200,000 doors before the June 20 runoff.”

The super PAC  already spent more than $3 million going into the April 18 special election first round. A spokesman for the group says that they Intend to define Ossoff as “unfit to serve Georgia’s 6th District… We’ll continue to expose him as the flawed candidate he is, and ensure Karen Handel is the next Congresswoman from GA-06.”

As everyone agrees, this special election is a referendum on Trump in a district that was nearly tied between Clinton and Trump in November; talking about candidates as flawed and unqualified may not be the best approach for Republicans.

Whatever else happens, the race is almost certain to be “the most expensive House race ever.”


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