Kasich’s interview with Anderson Cooper, his new book, and running for president again

When asked if he might run again for president, Kasich initially said no but quickly added, “If I need to do something to help my country, I’ll do it.” So, that’s not exactly no. Look, no national political figure, especially one with a new book out, is going to categorically say they will not run for president, not if they want anyone to keep paying attention to what they say or write.

As much as I fundamentally disagree with everything Kasich stands for, he was, by comparison, one of the few Republicans in the 2016 GOP field to show a degree of competence and self-respect.

He’s as dull as dishwater, and sounds more like he should be teaching Sunday school than running for office, but when we consider that sanity is in short supply among those in his party, they could do worse.

We’ve come to this: Looking back fondly on the days when the emergence of extreme budget hawks was our biggest fear.

Remarks about running for president come at about the 11:16 mark.

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