Trump’s assessment of his first hundred days relies on ignoring history

Trump  likes to say that the accomplishments of his first hundred days are more significant than what any other president had achieved. For a man who obviously doesn’t read, and certainly doesn’t read American history, it’s a ridiculous comment, like so much else he says.

His depends on the ignorance of his followers, and not without cause.

Let’s consider FDR’s first hundred days in which Congress passed an amazing fifteen separate bills, which form much of the structure of the New Deal. Accomplishments of that period, from roughly early March to mid-June 1933, include:

  • A national bank holiday to prevent the collapse of the national banking system;
  • Ending the gold standard to avoid deflation;
  • Glass Steagall Act separating commercial from investment banking;
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Commission, which backed all bank deposits up to $2500;
  • Federal Securities Act, which regulated stock markets and preceded the creation of the Securities and Exchange Commission;
  • Agriculture Adjustment Act, which provided relief to farmers by paying them to reduce production;
  • Civilian Conservation Corps to reduce unemployment, putting young men to work on conversation projects;
  • Tennessee Valley Authority to electrify the interior of the South and provide other economic development opportunities;
  • National Industrial Recovery Act, which created new agencies to regulate business;
  • Public Works Administration, which funded the construction of public works projects;
  • Federal Emergency Relief Act, which provided relief, training and employment.

An understanding of history is apparently a parlour trick of the “the elites” and not something to which real Americans need pay attention.

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