Nancy Pelosi thinks Democrats can take the House in 2018

I would hardly expect the House Minority Leader to say anything else. It’s her job to be optimistic. The question is whether there are enough winnable districts to add up to the 24 the Democrats need to form a majority.

She said there are more than 40 seats held by the GOP that are considered more favorable to Democrats than the suburban Atlanta district where Democrat Jon Ossoff came within 3 points of winning an all-party primary on Tuesday.

Sounds like a bit of a hedge to me. Considered more favourable? Precisely how?  In fact, Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (D-N.M.), who chairs the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, will only say that he expects his party to pick up seats, but he won’t say how many.

The real hedge from Pelosi is this: “If it were today, I’d feel very confident. It’s not today,” she said.

I’m not pessimistic, but it all depends on how bad Trump ends up being, and how far north of 40 percent he can push his favourability number closer to 2018.

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