Way down-ballot in Virginia

Sometimes races few people pay attention to can suggest bigger things to come. Sometimes not.

In Virginia, Democrat Jacqueline Smith, an attorney, won a position as clerk of the Circuit Court in Prince William County, defeating Republican Jason Miller, who had stepped down from his position as House of Delagates majority whip, where he was a senior legislator.

Miller chose to retire from the House rather than run for re-election. His district was one of 17 that went for Clinton. He obviously didn’t feel good about his chances.

Miller outspent Smith in the clerk’s race 6 to 1, but lost by a margin of 53.9 to 46 percent.

When you win you get to say things:

The Democratic Party of Virginia touted Smith’s victory as a sign of the momentum it has ahead of November elections for governor and seats in the House of Delegates.

“Tonight’s victory is further testament to the rising tide of the resistance,” state party Chairwoman Susan Swecker said in a statement. “Jackie Smith’s victory is a referendum on Donald Trump and his Republican allies in Richmond. Virginia Democrats are energized and organized, and tonight we outperformed a state legislator with more than four times as much money as our nominee. This is the beginning of the end: the age of Trump didn’t even last 100 days.”

Okay. Early days, but Democrats have to be happy with the energy.

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