“The Breeze and I” – Jimmy Dorsey w/ Bob Eberly on vocals: No. 52 on the Billboard Top 100 for 1940

The original of “The Breeze and I” was an instrument called Andalucía, written by the Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona. Spanish lyrics were added by Emilio de Torre and English lyrics by Al Stillman.

This version below by Jimmy Dorsey is one of the best known as is one by Caterina Valente done in 1955.

The Dorsey recording, with a vocal by Bob Eberly, was released by Decca Records. The record first reached the Billboard magazine charts on July 20, 1940 and lasted 9 weeks on the chart, peaking at #2.  It charted at No. 52 for the year.*

*I use a web-based number generator to determine a year and chart position for songs I post. If I didn’t do that I would only post ’70s folk-rock, ’60s rock, ’50s jazz, and ’40s big band music. There are of course numerous charts to chose from, e.g., Billboard Hot 100, Country, Jazz, R&B, etc. Roll the dice.

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