Can Sen. Ted Cruz be defeated in 2018?

So much of what happens in the 2018 midterm elections will depend on Trump’s popularity at the time. Any Republicans even vaguely vulnerable will be mighty nervous if Trump continues to be around the 40 percent approval number he lays claim to now.

In Texas, a statewide poll released Wednesday by Texas Lyceum, has Rep.  Joaquin Castro with 35 percent support  in a potential matchup with Sen. Ted Cruz who gets 31 percent.

Cruz and Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas), who has said he is running, are tied with 30 percent.

Can Cruz be beat? A Democrat hasn’t won a Senate race in Texas in 29 years, and Cruz has to be considered a strong incumbent. So, maybe not, but these are strange times to say the least. If Trump breaks the country, members of his party will pay the price.

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