And more on the Ossoff win in Georgia from the Morning Joe team

Despite the fact that Democrat Jon Ossoff beat his nearest Republican challenger by 30 points, there will be a runoff on June 20th. Those are the rules. Ossoff will face former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel.

Trump, in his inimitably incoherent style, called the results a “big R win.” Sure, if by “win” he means lose by a lot.

It’s going to be tough for Ossoff to pull out a victory in June in a seat that has been Republican since 1979, even if Trump won the district by only a point and a half in November.

The point is that Ossoff was a proxy for a lot of anger and annoyance directed at Trump. It would have been great if Ossoff had made it to 50 percent and avoided a runoff, but don’t let GOP talking heads like Joe Scarborough fool you, this is a big deal.

A lot of energy and resources on the D side, and that can’t be ignored.

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