Bernie Sanders in 2020?

One poll only about a month old ranks Sen. Sanders among the most popular politicians in  the U.S. The Fox News poll put several names in the mix and 61 percent said they viewed Sanders favourably. Paul Ryan gets a thumbs up from only 33 percent, McConnell from 24 percent, and Mike Pence from 46 percent. As we know, Trump hovers around 40 percent.

On the Democratic side, Nancy Pelosi’s favourable number is 29 percent, and Chuck Schumer’s is 28 percent.

This may explain why Sanders wants to keep his distance from the Democrats, at least in terms of joining up.

Two things come to mind when considering Bernie a viable candidate in 2020: his age and his ideology. He would be 79 on Inauguration Day 2021 should he be successful. I’ll leave others to chew on that. As for his ideology, the socialist thing, I think America is ready. The GOP could try to redbait, but I don’t think that works anymore. The perceived threat to America is no longer communism.

Americans are clearly ready to think outside the box, and to reject what they think of as politics as usual. Perhaps it’s time they do that in a way that would actually be good for the country.

I’ve seen Sanders being coy about his intentions in 2020, but all politicians do that. You never take yourself out of the conversation unless you have to.

If Sanders isn’t the right candidate, for whatever reason, I hope Democrats learn from the recent past and shade pink with whomever they choose.

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