The expectations game in the Georgia 6th special election

Jon Ossoff

A Republican operative/blogger for the Washington Post by the name of Ed Rogers is doing his best to frame the expectations game in the Georgia 6th congressional district special election tomorrow, though not surprisingly he is missing the most important point, which is that a 30 year-old Democratic political novice has been out in front of a GOP field for much of the campaign in a seat that has been held by Republicans since 1979.

Here’s some obvious pudding from Mr. Rogers:

The losers will want to play down the significance of what occurs, and the winners will want to overreach. The fact is, both parties are heavily invested in this race, and the outcome will matter. If Democrats win, their victory will speak to and embolden the intensity of their radical, left-wing, anti-Trump supporters. And if Republicans pull through, it will confirm that the GOP was organized and able to maintain control over traditionally red districts in the age of the “resistance.”

And some cranky Republican consultant speak:

Until now, the Democrats have succeeded only in making a lot of noise. They’ve gathered around a cluster of campus liberals, Black Lives Matter agitators and the likes of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) in order to capture the reins of government with pledges of more regulations and benefits from Washington. They shouldn’t be taken seriously, but if Democrats win tomorrow, the new left’s platform of resistance will be emboldened. They will have learned that the loudest voice wins.

“Democrats have succeeded only in making a lot of noise?” “The loudest voice wins?” Are you kidding me? Politics is about being heard, and calling someone loud is just a grumpy way of saying they are effective.

Even though I strongly suspect Jon Ossoff, the Democratic candidate leading in all of the polls, will fall short of the 50 percent needed to avoid a runoff, and then lose in the June 20th runoff, Democrats have already won.

In the Kansas 4th last week the Democratic candidate lost by just 6 points. In November the Democrat lost by over 30. Republicans tried to say that the special election win there was all good, but they don’t believe it for a second.

Rogers spin on the Georgia 6th:

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