Trump thinks getting elected washes away all prior sins – Didn’t work so well for Nixon

Expecting intellectual consistency from Trump may be the most futile exercise imaginable, but one can hope.

Following “Tax Day” demonstrations on Sunday, Trump attacked protesters who demanded he release his tax returns by Tweeting that they were  “paid” protesters and that they have no right to a voice anyway because, “the election is over.”

I don’t recall Trump shutting his piehole with his racist attacks about Obama’s citizenship after Obama’s election “was over.” I don’t recall Trump expressing concern about Tea Party protests after Obama was elected as illegitimate because “”the election was over.”

And, by the way, even if some money went into organizing protests, after Citizens United shouldn’t Trump defend the idea that money is speech.

Keep in mind that Richard Nixon was hounded from office after he was re-elected in November of 1972 for nefarious activities kept from the American people prior to the election.

Getting elected to office is not a get-out-of-jail-free-card for any and all things done prior to successfully duping the American people.

These kinds of observations should be obvious, but are obviously not in a country that can elect someone as ill-prepared as Donald J. Trump.

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