What does Trump’s base do if he disappoints?

Eric Garcia at Roll Call wrote this week about comments from Iowa conservative Rep. Steve King saying “much of President Donald Trump’s base is getting ‘uneasy ‘ about his inaction on immigration.”

While King, a hardliner on immigration, said he was a fan of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, he wants Trump to take action on former President Barack Obama’s deferred action policies for undocumented immigrants and parents of American citizens.

“And I’ve told the president this: ‘Every day you don’t address this, it gets harder and harder to do,’” he said.

King expressed concern that unless Trump rolls back Obama’s deferments, he could lose support from his base.

Much has been written over the past few weeks that Trump is moving away from economic nationalist policies and towards a more centrist-conservative view. While I wouldn’t expect many of those who voted for Trump out of a strong sense of conviction to vote Democratic, I could imagine many of them staying home on Election Day if they think they are being sold out.

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