Heartbroken New Yorkers learn Don Jr. won’t run for governor in ’18

New Yorkers were likely profoundly disappointed to learn that Donald Trump Jr. is not going to run for governor in 2018. All of this followed a New York Post column last week indicating Trump Jr. “is interested in running for office.”

Subsequently, in an AP interview he mused that running for governor would be more interesting to him than, say, running for mayor of New York City. Alas, he now says  he had no political plans in the near future.

I suppose we must be cautious about assuming a pure political neophyte could not succeed   at such a level, though considering his father was trounced by Ms. Clinton in the state in November (59%-36%), another jurisdiction might be preferable for him. May I suggest Alabama or Mississippi?

Mostly I suspect Jr. liked having his name in the conversation. Entitled twit.

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