“Freddy Freeloader” – The DR (Danish Radio) Big Band (2009)

“Freddie Freeloader” is of course a Miles Davis classic, the second track on his 1959 album Kind of Blue.

And here’s a blurb on the Danish Radio Big Band.

Originally called The New Radio Dance Orchestra, in the early years the band was led by Ib Glindemann. But over the next few decades many new faces joined – a succession of striking bandleaders, musicians and guest soloists such as Chris Potter – all of whom helped to develop the band into the experienced ensemble whose record releases and concerts have a devoted following all over the world. Leaders like Thad Jones, Bob Brookmeyer and Jim McNeely, and guest soloists like Miles Davis, Stan Getz and Joe Henderson – along with numerous Danish jazz musicians – were able to make the DR Big Band the institution that Ernie Wilkins said was “probably the best band in Europe.”

And more information at Discogs, and AllMusic.

It would appear that the formal name of the group is the now DR Big Band. Google translate might help you navigate their website, unless your Danish is good.

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