Connecticut Gov. Daniel P. Malloy won’t run again

Democratic governor of Connecticut, Daniel P. Malloy, will not seek a third term. The announcement comes as the number of potential Republican and Democratic challengers grows.

Malloy has served since 2011 and is currently chair of the Democratic Governor’s Association.

Both of his elections Republican challengers have been squeakers, with a half point margin of victory in 2010, and just over a two point margin in 2014.

The Morning Consult conducted a survey on the popularity of governors recently and Malloy did not fare well coming in three steps from the bottom of the heap at 66% disapproval. It’s good that Sam Brownback and Chris Christie are so horrible, else Mr. Malloy might have claimed the booby prize, which, you might guess, belongs to Gov. Christie. Still, he is the most unpopular Democratic governor, which is something.

And why so unpopular? Budget woes, tax increases, job loses. The usual.

Getting out before he’s shown the door.

Who is the most popular governor, you ask? Why, it’s Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, with Larry Hogan of Maryland a close second.

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